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71 in. Rectangular Luxury Modern White Stone Dining Table with Solid Black Carbon Steel Base for Dining Room (Seats 8)

71 in. Rectangular Luxury Modern White Stone Dining Table with Solid Black Carbon Steel Base for Dining Room (Seats 8)

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This dining table stands out with its unique metal leg design. The legs are made of black carbon steel and the 2 triangular shape of the splice makes this table very stable. This rectangular white table can be combined with various styles of chairs or benches. It doesn't matter whether you have a modern or a more classic interior, this white rectangular dining table will be a rich addition to your living or working space.

Double circle cross design simple retro art, showing natural and primitive beauty, beautiful and practical dining table, embellishment of beautiful fragments of home life
Sintered stone tabletop- 12 mm sintered stone tabletop can be used directly as a cutting board and is scratch-resistant, the table top can withstand temperatures as high as 1200¡ãC, so it will not be damaged by hot dishes or pots
Anti-collision rounded corner- hand-polished anti-collision rounded corner design to protect your children from bumps
Bottom plate reinforcement- the bottom surface of the dining table is glued with solid wood multi-layer boards and the screw fixing frame is fixed and the design is safe for load-bearing and it is stable and does not roll over
Carbon steel feet- X-shaped center column carbon steel table legs, hard and stable, with a beautiful appearance, a large texture, long-term practicality and no paint drop, which acn withstand the test of time
Natural materials, do not release harmful substances, 100% recyclable no radiation, acn be in direct contact with food
Fireproof and high temperature resistance- it will not deform, shrink or rupture and emit no gas or odor when it directly contacts with high temperature objects or flames
Anti-fouling and easy to clean- the water seepage rate is extremely low, oil or liquid acn not penetrate and it acn be cleaned by simply wiping
Scratch resistance- the Mohs hardness exceeds 6¡ã, which acn resist scratches and acn be directly chopped on the sintered stone tabletop
Capacity- 71 in. for 8-person to 10-person

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