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40 lb. Freestanding Ice Maker in Black Stainless

40 lb. Freestanding Ice Maker in Black Stainless

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With the Frigidaire portable 40 lb. ice maker, clear fresh ice is available at any time. Make up to 40 lbs. of ice in a day and store up to 2.4 lbs. at once. The ice maker also features an easy to use control panel allowing for hassle free operation.

Easy to use, fully automatic control system with an advanced microcomputer for easy and convenient ice making
Add water indicator lets you know when it's time to fill your unit with water
Full ice indicator alerts you when your ice maker is full and the ice basket needs to be emptied
ON/OFF indicator lets you know the operating status of your ice maker
Large ice bucket with ice scoop holds 2.4 lbs. of clear fresh ice
Water draining port allows you to quickly and safely drain the water from the unit for easy maintenance and cleaning
Makes large square clear ice cubes
Ice maker has built-in safeguards that can limit accidental damage by automatically shutting down the system when necessary

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