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Single Black Wooden Nightstand, End Table, with 3 Drawers, 19.7 in. W x 15.7 in. D x 23.8 in. H

Single Black Wooden Nightstand, End Table, with 3 Drawers, 19.7 in. W x 15.7 in. D x 23.8 in. H

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This is a black wooden nightstand in the style of European modern furniture. Nightstand's door is made of premium MDF board, which is sturdy and beautiful. The design of golden metal handle is classical, beautiful and practical. Open the 3 drawers of the nightstand, the large drawers can provide you with huge storage space, help you improve the utilization of space at home, and harvest a more organized and tidy room. The golden and elegant designed metal legs can provide stable support, so that the nightstand can remain stable even if many things are stored. You can place a large number of items in this nightstand, such as books, clock, photos, etc. This nightstand can be placed in the study, living room, bedroom and other scenes, which can be perfectly integrated into the scenes of various decoration styles.

Entire nightstand has 3-drawers for storing items, you can classify your items according to your needs and put them in them
Size: 19.7 in w x 15.7 in. D x 23.8 in. H., each drawer can bear about 20 lbs. and the entire nightstand can bear about 60 lbs.
The main materials used to make the nightstand have been tested by tsca and strictly screened, they are not only environmentally friendly and harmless to human body, but also solid, not easy to damage, and can withstand considerable weight
This nightstand has certain waterproof characteristics. Its surface is smooth and easy to clean, just use a wet towel to wipe the dirt in time
Note: no matter how good the product is, it will be damaged if it is immersed in water for a long time, please keep the environment as dry as possible and dispose of accumulated water in time
Due to the limitation of logistics suppliers, if you need to purchase more than two products, please order in batches, otherwise we will be unable to continue your order, if this happens, we will contact you and remind you
We will provide all accessories and detailed installation instructions required for assembly
If you have any questions, please contact us via email. We will try our best to solve your problem.

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