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1753 Tote A Torch Light/Medium Duty, Torch Cutting and Welding Portable Kit

1753 Tote A Torch Light/Medium Duty, Torch Cutting and Welding Portable Kit

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Cuts up to 150mm (5.91) and welds up to 9mm (0.35) with proper tips. 155-series regulators. 100-series torch handle. 1350-series cutting attachment. 0-3-101 cutting tip. W-1-0 welding tip. 3/16(4.76mm) x 12.5' (3.81m) twin welding hose with fittings. Built-in check valves and flashback arrestor. Oxygen R20 CF cylinder (empty). Acetylene MC10 CF cylinder (empty). Accessories included: 50mm (1.97) cup type shade #5 goggles, round single flint striker, 3/16(4.76mm) cylinder tank wrench and carry tote.

¡¤ Ideal for on-the-job site, farm/ranch, in the shop or home
¡¤ Kit is equipped to cut up to 0.20 in and weld up to 5/64
¡¤ Perfect starter kit Includes everything to operate torch
For use at the job site, on the farm or ranch, in the shop or at home
Includes reusable cylinder tote for portability and 1 each of an oxygen size Rand acetylene size MCgas cylinders (empty)
Kit includes: Oxygen Regulator: 155-Series (86230) * Acetylene Regulator: 155-Series (86229) * Torch Handle: 100FC-Series (87093) * Cutting Attachment: 1350-Series (87092) * Cutting Tip: 0-3-101 (60447) * Welding Tip: W-1-0 (87822) * Hose: 3/16(4.76mm) x 12.5' (3.81m) T-Grade (N/A) * Check Valves and Flashback Arrestor: Built in Goggles: 50mm (1.97) Cup Style Shade #5 (55311) * Spark Lighter: Single Flint (86102) * Oxygen Cylinder: Oxygen R20CF (86224) * Acetylene Cylinder: Acetylene MC10CF (86228) * Tank Wrench: 3/16(4.76mm) Rand MC(86147) * Packaging: Red Carry Tote (86221)

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