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120-Volt 125 Amp Easy Weld Flux Core Only MIG Welder 125FC

120-Volt 125 Amp Easy Weld Flux Core Only MIG Welder 125FC

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The Forney 299 125FC MIG welder is the perfect starter welder for a MIG machine. The amperage is 125 Amp and works without using a gas set up. Essentially this is a plug and play unit. This versatile machine is able to weld up to a quarter of an inch and has the capacity to run 10 lb. spools. Gasless/flux-core welding only with Tweco consumables, 120-Volt input with 125 Amp output. Welds 24-Gauge up to 1/4 in. Handles 0.030 in. wire and accepts both 2# and 10# wire spools. Claims for warranty must be made within 6 months of the date of purchase. Proof of purchase required. This warranty does not cover any product that has been subject to misuse, neglect, negligence or accident, or that has been used in any way contrary to the purpose intended.

Gasless flux core welding only
Welds 24-Gauge up to 1/4 in.
120-Volt input and 125 Amp output
Accepts 2 and 10 lb. spools
Tweco consumables included
Forney Industries green color is a federally registered trademark and cannot be reproduced unless authorized by Forney Industries.

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