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White Tolix Stackable Metal Dining Chairs with Wooden Seat Set of 4

White Tolix Stackable Metal Dining Chairs with Wooden Seat Set of 4

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The dining chairs with tolix style can provide you a comfortable experience and a special decor. The high-quality materials guarantee the comfort you need when sitting, especially in a long-time communication. Then the ergonomic structure further protect your health based on the comfortable experience. At last, it can bring a tolix style to the layout of your room or stores, which gives you a more pleasing life experience.

Great stability and durability: The metal frame of the chair builds a strong foundation with great load-bearing capacity, meanwhile the metal pipes are also resistant to moisture and corrosion, ensuring a long service time. Moreover, the cross-bracing under the seat reinforces the stability and durability of the chair and supports greater load-bearing capacity.
High-quality material: The cushion is made of high-quality pine wood with a strong load-bearing capacity, because of its high thickness. Meanwhile, the pine wood is breathable and with heat conduction capacity, which helps to provide a comfortable experience for you.
Ergonomic and removable backrest: the backrest is designed based on a human back curve, which is supportive to your back, reducing fatigue and bringing more comfort. Besides, the back can be easily removed if you will use the chairs on other occasions.
Modern and tolix style: the whole style of the chair is tolix style, with the main metal frame and the solid wood. Therefore, it can be combined with other furniture in many situations like a restaurant, cafe, courtyard, kitchen, dining room, and living room, adding the modern feeling in layout and attracting many young customers for stores.
Detailed design of feet caps and curved corners: Non-marking feet caps are designed to protect your floor, as it avoids the chairs to slip. Also, it can prevent noise from distracting people. The curved corners play the role of protecting people from being injured and releasing the pressure of the legs and backs.
Easy maintenance: As the metal pipes are resistant to corrosion and the pinewood is strong and resistant to deformation, the maintenance of the chairs is easy and time-saving. When it is dirty, only a wipe is needed; when it is left unused, the chairs can also be stacked together for saving space and keep the room neat.

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