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White Wooden Accent Storage Cabinet with Multi-function, 59.1 in W. X 33.5 in H. X 15.7 in D.

White Wooden Accent Storage Cabinet with Multi-function, 59.1 in W. X 33.5 in H. X 15.7 in D.

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This white accent wooden storage cabinet has two large drawers, three-tier smaller drawers and two cabinet with two layer shelves in each and 4 doors in total, providing a large storage space and effectively improving space utilization. The cabinet has an adjustable shelf design to make your storage more flexible. The main material of this cabinet is MDF, which has the characteristics of insect resistance, deformation resistance, moisture resistance, sturdiness and strong bearing capacity. It can be used as sideboard, dresser and banner etc. and It can store all the items that are suitable for storage in this cabinet. The white look gives it a clean, fresh, elegant vibe that is very pretty. This can be a very eye-catching piece of furniture when you invite friends over to your home.

White wooden cabinet is mainly made of high quality MDF board, with hard, light, environmental protection, deformation, insect control and other characteristics
Cabinet exterior is specially treated, and the smooth appearance has the characteristics of water resistance, the surface is easy to clean and can be wiped down with a wet towel if necessary
All the materials used in this cabinet have been tested by the TSCA agency to meet the standard of being harmless to the human body and can be purchased with confidence
Note: No matter how good the product is, it will be damaged if it is immersed in water for a long time, please try to keep the environment dry and clean up the water
Size: 59.1 in. W x 15.7 in. D x 33.5 in. H, each drawer can support about 30 LBS weight, the entire cabinet can support about 250 LBS.
We will provide all the accessories needed for assembly and detailed instructions for the installation
If you have purchased a certain quantity of this product, resulting in a total weight of over 500 lbs., we will send you the products in LTL format, and the time may be slightly reduced, please be patient and check

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